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Hello! Welcome to Bilbo’s website. Here you can find out what the boy is up to, check out his projects, and send him some love.

A cartoon of Bilbo sitting upright holding a trans flag in his mouth.

book now available!

our book – by bilbo and his mum – is now available in hardback and e-book!

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support young queer artists and the trans rights defence work of bilbo's mum with merch

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bilbo has a PO Box for getting in touch with post and packages


have you ever wanted to listen to nothing but cat purrs, but haven’t got your own feline motor running nearby? the bilbcast is a 30-minute podcast featuring nothing but gentle bilbo purrs that ease you to sleep or wash your anxiety away

available on most major podcast providers:

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bilbo has been tweeting his thoughts and feelings since may 2017 and has amassed over 120,000 friends online. he is a very much loved boy

thank you for your love

bilbo gets multiple messages daily from people who love him, from all across the world. it’s clear that he not only brings smiles to people’s eyes, he touches their hearts too. from bilbo and ellen (his mum), thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts

Bilbo sits on an armchair with his feet tucked in, looking lovingly.

designed and maintained by bilbo’s mum. top artwork by¬†ZeriphiArt