boy facts

have you ever wanted to know more about the roundest boy? here’s some key facts that will win you any bilbo themed pub quiz:

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he is from belfast

born in the hills of west belfast, northern ireland, bilbo lives there to this day

he is 6!

bilbo is a young man at the strapping age of six years old. he turns seven in august 2021

he is very round

orbular, circular, rotund, not square

he is recognised by parliament

due to his participation in hbomberguy's charity fundraiser for mermaids in january 2019, he is recognised in a motion of the scottish parliament

he has raised >£7,500 for queer artists

by selling bilbo merch by young queer artists, bilbo has raised over £4k of direct artistic income

he has local friends

bilbo likes to hang out with his local cat pals as well as his twitter friends. he is particularly good friends with a small white lady cat

he has received >250 letters from >55 countries

over 250 people have sent bilbo letters and packages, from all over the world - over 55 countries!

he is a good boy

he is a good boy

all facts correct as of october 2020

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